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Our Latest Projects

  • Hitch Cover

    PopFoams soft and durable foam covers metal hitches, to protect people from injuries.

  • Drink Dingy

    The Drink Dingy, is a floating holder for ones drink. PopFoam was chosen for it’s feather-light weight.

  • Spa Pillow

    The excellent performance in a water environment, was just one reason Popfoam was chosen for the Spa Pillow.

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  • Just two weeks until first JumpStart selection…

    Just two weeks until first JumpStart selection…

    Popfoam will select the first winner of the Jumpstart program on Monday April 14th, just two weeks away. This will be the first of four Jumpstart awards to be given out this year. The Jumpstart program was designed specifically for the entrepreneur, inventor, designer or start-up company that has a new exciting idea for a […] Read more >>

  • An honor for PopFoam….

    An honor for PopFoam….

    For decades the loss of a limb equated to a life confined to a wheelchair and a real life changing event. Statistics show that nearly 2 million Americans are living with the loss of a limb. Common causes are vascular disease, trauma and cancer. Prosthetics provide an opportunity for patients to physically overcome the challenges […] Read more >>

  • One World Fútbol Project

    One World Fútbol Project

    Tim Jahnigen, Founder of One World Futbol Project describes how after hearing about the plight of children in Darfur and other war zone refugee camps, sparked an idea to create a unique ball for them. A ball that could stand up to the harshest environments and still allow the children to benefit through the power […] Read more >>