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  • PopFoam is an EVA Foam Manufacturer of Injection Molded Closed-Cell EVA Polyolefin Foam Products.

    PopFoam is lightweight, 100% waterproof and is virtually indestructible. Our process is referred to as Injection Molded EVA foam. PopFoam makes proprietary compounds customized for each of our customer’s needs. With PopFoam, discover chemically resistant and durable molded foam.

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One World Play Project Futbol

Water Environment Projects

  • Kneepad

    The Popfoam Kneepad offers two different hardness's; one for comfort, and one for toughness and protection.

  • Rowing Shoes

    These unique rowing shoes were made to be lightweight and function well in a water environment.

  • Drink Dingy

    The Drink Dingy, is a floating holder for ones drink. PopFoam was chosen for it’s feather-light weight.

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  • Announcing the opening of PopFoam’s US-Based Factory

    Announcing the opening of PopFoam’s US-Based Factory

    At PopFoam, we’ve always been dedicated to serving our clients to the best of our ability, which is why we’re excited to announce a major step forward for both our company and for domestic design engineers and manufacturers. PopFoam is partnering with a U.S. plastics manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest to begin producing innovative injection molded […] Read more >>

  • 4 Steps to Keeping Your Design From Turning Into a Disappointing Product

    4 Steps to Keeping Your Design From Turning Into a Disappointing Product

    There are lots of ways to define a “disappointing product.” But there are few things more frustrating than a product that breaks or wears out sooner than you expect. From the consumer’s perspective, the purchase begins to feel like a trick. This is an important fact for product designers to keep in mind. The right material […] Read more >>