Undercuts are like the forbidden fruit of product design. They’re incredibly enticing, especially for young design students who are eager to create esoteric shapes. I specifically remember the first time I learned about undercuts back in design school. It seemed that every cool shape I wanted to create had an undercut. However, I was told that […] Read more >>
  • November 27, 2018
  • | by Victor Lazzaro
You’ve Come to the Right Place If… …You are looking for a material that, when appropriately understood and utilized, can be the durable foundation of your product, design, and business. Greetings designers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs, My name is Tim Jahnigen, and as the inventor of the One World Futbol and Co-founder of the One World […] Read more >>
  • October 04, 2018
  • | by Tim Jahnigen
When designers and engineers want to add soft surfaces to their design concepts, they’re generally left with a few basic foam options to consider: hand-cut foam shaped from block samples or foam contrived from two-part chemistries. But while these processes can make the material as soft as needed, the design then begins to revolve around […] Read more >>
  • September 25, 2018
  • | by Randy Millwood
Think about the soft seats on the playground equipment your kids use, the rowing shoes you wear to work out, and even the spa pillow that supports your neck during relaxing baths. In all these cases, you — the end user — have a relationship with the product. That’s where EVA-based injection molded PopFoam really […] Read more >>
  • August 06, 2018
  • | by admin
There may be myriad ways to test a material’s quality, but that doesn’t mean they’re always readily available to designers. As we work on the business of inventing the next new thing, it’s tempting to lean heavily on our material suppliers and manufacturers to take care of that process for us. But that can be […] Read more >>
  • July 18, 2018
  • | by Victor Lazzaro
PopFoam is excited to announce we’ll be showing at The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market — the largest trade show in the outdoor industry in North America — for the third year in a row. Attendees from all over the world gather at the Summer Market to show products, submit orders, find accounts, and connect with […] Read more >>
  • July 11, 2018
  • | by admin
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