Hand Eye Coordination Training | Athlete Performance

HECOstix has taken a simple game of playing catch and added a twist!
Each leg is colored in a fashion that allows participants to call a color or hand combination and then throw the HECOstix to the receiver. The person receiving must process the information while the HECOstix are in the air and catch the corresponding color or hand combination called.
HECOstix allows coaches and players to create constantly changing environments and sensory stimuli. By calling out colors and hand combinations, the athletes are forced to ascertain the information in real time speeds, similar to game scenarios. Where regular balls fall short, HECOstix provides a high level of sensory stimuli for optimal performance and productivity.

HECOstix is used to improve:
Hand Eye Coordination
Reaction Speed
Information Processing
Spotting Landing Areas
Non Dominant Hand Confidence