• SwiftKnot

SwiftKnot – The fastest and easiest way to tie your boat to the dock.

Many boaters have an underlying anxiety about tying up to the dock, SwiftKnot eliminates this stress with a simple solution.  Become an instant Knot Tying Freak without ever tying a knot!  For all boats up to 55′ and all Double Braided Nylon or 3 Strand Dock line.

  • Docking for Fuel = No Problem!
  • Picking up Passengers = No Problem!
  • Tying up with friends = No Problem!
  • Quick bathroom stops = No Problem!
  • Moving the truck to the ramp = No Problem!

SwiftKnot utilizes several key features inherent to the PopFoam process.

  • Closed Cell Foam outer shell so it floats
  • Uses PopFoam’s assembly feature marring foam to plastics
  • Molded in Logo’s and texture
  • UV Resistant compound
  • Non-Toxic material
  • Ultra-Durable so it’s long lasting
  • Can be cleaned with regular boat cleaners

“PopFoam took our design and fixed it to work in their molding process giving us an even better product in the end. Their knowledge of plastics and foam made a big impact on the successful launch and production right out of the gate.”

Shawn Roberts, Co-founder SwiftKnot.

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