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    Dependable Manufacturing

    With the molds completed, we apply decades of industry experience to manage the precise production of your foam molded products.

    How Injection Molded Foam Works

    • The exact blend of compounds selected for your product’s properties are poured as pellets into hoppers.
    • The pellets are melted and injected into your product’s mold. The heat transferred through the mold to the compound cross links the foam and cooks it. This is modern-day magic: the precise combination of compounds bind together in a miniature version of your product.
    • The mold separates at an accelerated speed, allowing the foam to burst out, and expand rapidly.
    • To ensure your product retains the expected size and shape, the new foam product is placed in a fixture to cool to the correct dimensions.
    • The result: complete reliability. PopFoam’s experienced team oversees each step of the foam molding process, so we can exceed your expectations.
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    Decoration and Finishing

    Dependable Manufacturing

    Add finishing touches
    If aesthetics are important to your product,

    Decoration and Finishing
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    Packaging and Assembly

    Reduce Costs With Greater Efficiency

    Draw on our tested, trusted partnership network to bring your product to market faster.

    • Packaging

      Make the right first impression with the right packaging. From thermoformed clamshells to reusable fabric bags to recyclable cardboard containers, get solutions to your specific packaging challenge

    • Product Assembly

      Complete your foam molded products in one seamless process, and save time and money. We’ll handle assembly of any complexity, freeing you to focus on getting your product to market