The PopFoam manufacturing process requires a deep knowledge of tool design, part layout and testing to ensure great results. The expansion of our molded foam compound during production demands experience and skills to ensure quality-finished parts. Our PopFoam team has over 14 years’ hands-on experience in both the design and engineering of the molds and EVA foam molding quality parts.

How are molds for injection molded foam different from thermoplastic injection molding?

  • Cost – Foam injection molds cost a fraction of thermoplastic injection molds. In our foam manufacturing process, this is partly due to using aluminum instead of steel.
  • Physics – Thermoplastic injection, EVA foam molding requires significantly more clamping and injection pressure, requiring more costly steel molds. Also, decoration foam injection molds self-eject and require a smaller cavity size.
  • Materials – Because tooling foam injection molds don’t experience the same pressures, they can be made from aluminum, which is less expensive than the traditional material: hardened steel. The aluminum acts as an excellent heat transfer in our injection molding process. As result, our high density EVA foam is top quality without the high costs.