An honor for PopFoam

For decades the loss of a limb equated to a life confined to a wheelchair and a real life changing event. Statistics show that nearly 2 million Americans are living with the loss of a limb. Common causes are vascular disease, trauma and cancer. Prosthetics provide an opportunity for patients to physically overcome the challenges of daily activities which, with hard work and determination, can typically be successful, thus returning them to a life of freedom, creating an opportunity for them to see and feel “normal” again.

PopFoam had the privilege of developing a program to create a life-like look and feel to prosthetics. Think of it as a cosmetic cover for prosthetics mechanics. In that moment, PopFoam’s engineers took on this most meaningful assignment and began creating solutions to allow the patient to have new opportunities. PopFoam engineer’s examination of each unique element offered solutions to several distinguished characteristics for the program, both chemical and physical.

So the development began both in 3D modeling and compound selections. You can see PopFoam compounds bring many critical solutions to the program: it’s lightweight, easy to clean, waterproof, sanitary, closed cell and also, in this case, added some flare retards to the compound. Its ability to mold into complex shapes and to be contoured to the patient’s individual needs, allowed us to bring all the solutions to the table

image leg drawing      image solid legs

Our engineering staff utilized a single software package to take the 3D design into 3D printing, tooling and on to CNC programming. The tooling chips began flying and soon we began testing the tooling to verify we had fulfilled the programs expectations. Please see our rapid progression below.

image leg mold          Image-Fabricated-Cosmetic-Cover

We at PopFoam realize your idea is a great one or one we cannot live without. These are the moments that make markets and, at the heart of the moment, is meaningful to everyone involved. We are honored to be involved in this program and our hearts go out to the individuals and those families affected by disease and trauma.

Our staff is ready to assist you in one of the most critical steps in a successful product launch.