Announcing the opening of PopFoam’s US-Based Factory

At PopFoam, we’ve always been dedicated to serving our clients to the best of our ability, which is why we’re excited to announce a major step forward for both our company and for domestic design engineers and manufacturers.

PopFoam is partnering with a U.S. plastics manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest to begin producing innovative injection molded PopFoam products beginning on Dec. 4, 2017. A next-generation foam material with impressive practical properties is about to get more accessible than ever.

Our existing factories in Taiwan and China have been amazing in terms of quality and consistency. But as PopFoam has become incorporated into more diverse products, we’ve found a growing desire from some companies that their product be made in the USA. This was the perfect chance to bring more of our operations to American soil and get designers to craft American foam products.

What Does a US Factory Mean for PopFoam?

PopFoam is growing, but we’re not changing. The same management team will remain in place for a seamless expansion of our services. In addition, we will continue to offer full engineering, sales, and management services for all of our current and future customers.

Our new U.S. factory enables us to meet faster delivery schedules. And by doing that, our already industry-leading product becomes more appealing and accessible to all U.S. design engineers.

It has always been our strategy to grow our business by meeting more of our customers’ needs. Now that we have a production facility located onshore, there are few requests that we can’t meet. We expect this to upgrade and enhance the experience of our customers significantly. As a result, a U.S. factory will drive our growth over the long term.

What Does a US Factory Mean for PopFoam Customers?

Our new factory is not only an opportunity to expand our business and popularize PopFoam, it’s also a way for us to deliver superior service to every company we work with.

Since our earliest days, we have thought of ourselves more as collaborators able to offer very specific expertise and less as simply material suppliers. It’s thanks to that commitment to design engineers that so many PopFoam products have proven to be successful in terms of both design quality and sales strength.

Now that we have a factory in the U.S., we are able to work more closely than ever before with the design engineers we partner with. Our in-house engineers are eager and able to support those who want to make the most of injection molded PopFoam. We are available to review CAD drawings, give customized support, and leverage decades of experience working with EVA injection molded foam.

The upfront feedback that design engineers want and need to confidently move forward with a product is available on demand. And because our facility is located domestically, delays never have to compromise a design.

If you’re intrigued by what PopFoam can do, contact us, and we will be happy to go more in-depth. After Dec. 4, we’ll also be able to meet much tighter delivery schedules. Don’t wait to learn about our product and our company. Count on PopFoam to be your total manufacturing solution for your American foam products.

To learn more about our collaborative working style and our innovative EVA-based foam, download our whitepaper, “The Insider’s Guide to Taking Your Design from Ingenious Idea to High-Quality Product.” Click here for your free copy.