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How Foam Can Compliment Other Materials In Your Design

A Match Made in Heaven: How Foam Can Complement Other Materials in Your Design

Most designers are fully aware of the important role that material plays in their design, but many overlook the need for — or the potential of — using multiple materials when a design is particularly complex. Bringing in another material to complement a design’s primary ingredient is an easy way to drastically improve the fit and finish of the final product.

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Why You Need A Supplier You Can Trust

Why You Need a Supplier You Can Truly Trust

There may be myriad ways to test a material’s quality, but that doesn’t mean they’re always readily available to designers. As we work on the business of inventing the next new thing, it’s tempting to lean heavily on our material suppliers and manufacturers to take care of that process for us. But that can be a risky game to play.

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PopFoam can help designers create innovative products

How Foam Can Help Designers Create Innovative Products

Oftentimes, finding the right material for your new innovative product can feel like half the battle. It’s difficult to know ahead of time how a specific material will perform in certain applications, especially if you’ve never worked with it before. To make things even more difficult, most designers are working within constraints created by a number of factors. As a designer yourself, you’re probably all too familiar with these questions:

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