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The Untapped Design Potential of EVA-Based Foam

These days, product design and development is as much about the feel of a product as is the look and functionality. For designers who haven’t traditionally had to focus on texture as a key component, this creates an interesting challenge. To craft the kinds of products that today’s consumers demand, the design and development of products have to consider not only new materials and methods, but also new ways to combine materials cohesively. Whether it’s thermoplastics, non-toxic EVA, or recycled foam, materials must complement each other in order to make a quality product.

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Why Product Design Is a Collaborative Puzzle Process

Some 5,000 years ago, the first designers to make ice skates used bones to fashion the blades. The design worked — to a point. But in 1914, blade maker John E. Strauss of St. Paul, Minnesota, manufactured a closed-toe blade from a  single piece of steel. The skates were stronger and lighter. That’s when skaters could really shine on the ice.

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