Everything You Need to Know About Injection Molded Foam

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Injection Molded Foam

If you’re looking for a versatile and durable foam material, injection-molded EVA foam may be the perfect choice for your next project. This type of molded foam is made by injecting molten EVA into a mold. The resulting product is a dense, closed-cell foam that has many benefits for product designers. In this article, we will discuss what molded foam is, the difference between injection-molded EVA foam and compression-molded EVA foam, and the benefits of using injection-molded EVA foam in product designs.

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How Foam Can Compliment Other Materials In Your Design

A Match Made in Heaven: How Foam Can Complement Other Materials in Your Design

Most designers are fully aware of the important role that material plays in their design, but many overlook the need for — or the potential of — using multiple materials when a design is particularly complex. Bringing in another material to complement a design’s primary ingredient is an easy way to drastically improve the fit and finish of the final product.

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Why You Need A Supplier You Can Trust

Why You Need a Supplier You Can Truly Trust

There may be myriad ways to test a material’s quality, but that doesn’t mean they’re always readily available to designers. As we work on the business of inventing the next new thing, it’s tempting to lean heavily on our material suppliers and manufacturers to take care of that process for us. But that can be a risky game to play.

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