EVA Foam Video: 02. PopFoam – 100% Waterproof!

In episode 2 of our video series, we look at how PopFoam is waterproof and we explore what that means for your next design.

Hey everybody, I want to talk to you today about a material that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for quite awhile now. In fact, every single product that you see here on the table in front of me was made with this material. Now this material has a lot of amazing characteristics, but today I want to talk to you about a few specific ones.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a material that could be molded into a round ball, or have undercuts, and interlocking pieces? Now this amazing material is called PopFoam. PopFoam is an EVA, or a closed cell foam, which means it has an outer shell and then an inner surface that’s the foaming material.

I specifically want to talk today about its waterproof characteristics. Now PopFoam is ultra lightweight, it’s super durable, it floats, and it’s also water resistant.

I already mentioned that PopFoam is an EVA material, or a closed cell foam. I want to give you a close up shot here where you can see the outer skin, this is what makes it waterproof, and then the inner foam, which is what makes it super lightweight.

Now, here are examples of different types of products actually in water, and you can see how they float, and how buoyant they are.

I’ve already touched on the incredible qualities of PopFoam in terms of its ability to be waterproof and float. Now I’d like to give you an example of how that actually played out in a real part. Any of you that own spas might have had a condition where the spa pillows were absorbing water and disintegrating. This was a fantastic opportunity for PopFoam to create a part that performed flawlessly. Because PopFoam is this EVA material, as I mentioned with the outer skin that is waterproof, it was perfect for this application.

You can see it was designed in two parts, the parts fit together, and a spa pillow that is completely waterproof and durable. That’s an example of how a material can solve a problem in an ingenious and incredible way.

I love using this material PopFoam. I’ve been able to design products with it that I couldn’t have done with any other material, and I hope that you are excited about it as much as I am. Go to the website, PopFoam.com, download the White Paper, request a free sample and see how you can solve your next difficult problem with PopFoam.

Until next time, this Victor, keep designing cool stuff.