Below, you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Popfoam EVA Foam Injection Molding materials and processes.

  1. Is thermoplastic injection molding different than foam injection molding?

    Yes, a foam injection molding company, has provided top-quality results with its decades of experience, exclusively on foam injection molding. The key differences: thermoplastic Injection molding uses high pressure to fill the mold while foam injection molding uses very little pressure. Also, where thermoplastic injection molding uses a single steel mold, foam injection molding utilizes multiple foam molds made of aluminum in a multi-station machine. Finally, thermoplastic injection molding utilizes mechanical ejection while the PopFoam self-ejects. Contact us today for more on our molding foam process!

  2. How much does it cost to make “X” projects?

    We’re happy to provide rough quotes and a product cost breakdown for custom-molded foam products. Contact us with your idea and we will discuss foam fabrication details.

  3. If I already have a prototype and a CAD file, how long does it take to begin production?

    Assuming that your CAD file only requires minor revisions from our development team, production of your specialty foam products can start in as little as 4-6 weeks. Too long? Ask about our expedited schedule, product design, and prototyping.

  4. Is injection molded foam the same as compression molded foam?

    They’re quite different. Injection-molded EVA foam is more durable and offers more potential for detail and will generally last longer. Compression-molded parts tend to be used for expendable uses with short lifespans. When you engineer a part with injection-molded foam, it is meant to last a lifetime.

  5. Will Popfoam help me get my product idea to market?

    We always want to hear from entrepreneurs and inventors with creative foam products. We have worked with many start-ups that have used Kickstarter or other crowd-funding sources to assist them in launching a new product or design. Our experienced technical sales reps, engineers, mold makers, and factory will give you help in designing your part in PopFoam.

  6. Can Popfoam material be made soft?

    Yes. Various ranges of compounds and expansion rates are considered to make a part soft or firm, decoration, color according to your requirements. Contact us today for more information on creating firm or EVA soft foam!

  7. Can you insert a mold in Popfoam?

    No, due to the expansion process we cannot put anything inside the foam molds. However, we can offer undercuts. For more information on our EVA foam manufacturing process or mold undercuts, contact us today!

  8. Is Pofoam a closed-cell material?

    Yes, PopFoam is a closed-cell foam material. All of PopFoam’s cell structures are interconnected, keeping all liquids out. Contact us for more on our EVA closed-cell foam.

  9. What are the size limitations for Popfoam?

    As an EVA foam manufacturer, we generally manufacture parts up to 24” x 32”. Need a larger size or have special requirements to cut foam to size? Please check with us for creative design solutions and any product size limitations.

  10. Are Popfoam compounds chemically resistant?

    Yes. Our compounds for our durable foam products are crafted with chemical-resistant materials and are resistant to most household chemicals and cleaners.

  11. Are Popfoam molded parts tough and durable?

    Yes, creating a very durable surface and a tough foam. Our compounds for custom-molded foam products also offer incredible tear strength.

  12. What textures can Popfoam accommodate?

    Click here to view our Foam Texture Library regarding our injection foam-making process.