PopFoam offers new recycled product line, Recylan™

Developing a commercial recycled grade compound has been a high priority for PopFoam for the last several years. The challenge has been to have a recycled EVA foam compound that uses a minimum of 30% post consumer waste and still offer a high level of performance. We have accomplished this in our new proprietary blended compounds under our Recylan™ brand.

Through product design and development, we have found that using our proprietary blends and adding 30% PE is providing very real results. As many may know PE has had little attention compared to the PET recycling market. However, recycled PE his has now shifted to the mainstream of recycling.

PopFoam actually has developed compounds with both PET and PE resins, however following the recycling trend and based upon real processing and a side by side physical property studies to our standard compounds we are seeing amazing results using PE recylced resins.

As you know PopFoam provides a soft, light weight, high tear and tensile strength and very chemical resistant solutions to a wide array of markets, we are finding nearly identical properties with our  new Recylan™ compound.

As foam product manufacturers, PopFoam is excited about our Recylan™ breakthrough and we are now seeking candidates for this new compound.

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