SwiftKnot – The fastest and easiest way to tie your boat to the dock.

SwiftKo embarked on a brand dedicated to the lifestyle of the recreational boater and their first product SwiftKnot, a super simple way to secure your boat.  The SwiftKnot design works well with the PopFoam Injection Molding process.
1.) Closed Cell Foam outer surface is perfect for Marine applications – it’s resistant to salt, waterproof, floats, easy to clean, colorful. 2.) Plastic Core Parts – PopFoam can be fixed around plastic substrates which offer robust solutions with soft surfaces, many PopFoam parts are made this way.  Use to dock to a fixed boat cleat, dock to pilings or use as a fender adjuster.

Many boaters have an underlying anxiety about tying up to the dock, SwiftKnot eliminates this stress with a simple solution.  Become an instant Knot Tying Freak without ever tying a knot!  For all boats up to 55′ and all Double Braided Nylon or 3 Strand Dock line.

Docking for Fuel = No Problem!
Picking up Passengers = No Problem!
Tying up with friends = No Problem!
Quick bathroom stops = No Problem!
Moving the truck to the ramp = No Problem!