Stoic Standing Mat

STOIC™️️ is a modular active standing mat that’s inspired by nature. It stretches, strengthens, and massages your feet providing more movement to your workday. PopFoam injection molded foam is used to make the Natural River Rock, Forest Floor, and Bed of Nails inserts providing durable surfaces that mimic the outdoors. These challenging designs were 3D … Read more

PopForm South Wind Design- Flag

South Wind Designs Flagpole 

The Premium Rod Holder Flagpole is simply the best boating flagpole on the market. South Wind Designs are avid boaters and recognized the increased use of all types of flags being displayed on boats while underway. Normal flagpoles didn’t fit well and would lift out with any breeze. South Wind Designs solved all the issues … Read more


BakBōn is a Neutral Spine cueing device designed to be used in weight training, physical therapy and general posture health. This multi-component device includes PopFoam Injection molded Foam, plastics, steel, magnets and molded TPR assembled to a complete unit. Key features:-Durable soft molded foam-Built in positioner to adjust pole angle-Removable poles with storage slots-Adjustable straps … Read more


Freedom from back pain! BackShield was born from efforts to find a way to improve posture while seated. The patented ergonomic design aims to improve posture relieving back pain and allowing users to live a life of comfort and enjoyment. The design is manufactured and assembled by PopFoam featuring an Injection Molded Foam outer layer, … Read more


The Monkii brand produces products to further their dive into functional fitness.  Their latest product, Monkii 360, incorporates  PopFoam’s injection-molded foam body along with dynamic resistance bands to perform high-intensity interval training (Tabata).  Monkii has successfully figured out the social funding advantage and continues to go-to-market via that platform gaining great results.  Check them out … Read more


Hand Eye Coordination Training | Athlete PerformanceThe “HECO” in HECOstix stands for Hand Eye Coordination and this device aims to improve quality of life through exercise and the development of the cognitive function. HECOstix came to PopFoam with a unique idea and a theory about hand eye coordination. Armed with a self-made prototype and a … Read more