Step 1: Design


From extreme undercuts to a floating cellular core, turn your idea into reality, no matter the complexity. Because of our distinct injection molded foam, PopFoam offers you access to complex geometry without needing complex tooling, allowing you to achieve lighter, flexible foam molded products with more efficient production.

Undercuts: Internal/Female undercuts can be added into the part design. However, external undercuts are not possible in injection-molded foam.

Drafts: Most part designs require a minimum of 5 degrees of draft or radius to self-eject.

Floating Cores: Internal undercuts, deep cavities, internal details, female undercut designs, and complex geometry can often be completed with a floating structural core.

Part size: Smaller foam molded products are often not economical to produce. We suggest minimum part sizes be greater than 2 square inches. Larger sizes can be up to 30” by 26” by 14” with a maximum weight of 2,800 grams.

Tolerances: Since PopFoam is a soft compound that expands from tooling, many factors influence the amount of tolerance required. We will work with you to develop a process control plan.

Parting line: Our engineers will help you to determine the optimum locations for the parting line and gate locations as it relates to the part’s appearance and production.

Wall sections: Though common wall sections range from .25” to .6”, they can be as wide as 2”.

Texture, Text and Logos: PopFoam can accommodate a wide variety of subtle shapes that either rise from, or recess into, the body of the part.

To begin, Download our Design Guide now, and unleash your imagination.
To get started, send our design team your CAD file, or reach out for full service, from concept to reality. We’ll help you make the most of your investment.

Step 2: Tooling


The PopFoam‘s foam manufacturing process requires a deep knowledge of tooling design and more experience than typical steel molds. These types of foam injection molds self-eject and use smaller mold cavity sizes than the finished soft foam products and parts.

Injection foam molding tools don’t experience the same injection pressure, therefore they can be made from aluminum which is less expensive than traditional injection plastics tools which use hardened steel. Aluminum also acts as an excellent heat transfer medium highly useful in our foam injection process.

Step 3: Production


With the molds completed, we apply decades of industry experience and foam injection technology to manage the precise production of your foam molded products.

How Injection Molded Foam Works

The exact blend of compounds selected for your product’s properties are poured as plastic material pellets into hoppers.

The pellets are melted and injected into your product’s mold. The heat transferred through the mold to the compound cross-links the foam and cooks it. This is modern-day magic: the precise combination of compounds bind together in a miniature version of your product.

The mold separates at an accelerated speed, allowing the flexible foam to burst out, and expand rapidly.

To ensure your product retains the expected size and shape, the new foam product is placed in a fixture to cool to the correct dimensions.

The result: complete reliability. PopFoam’s experienced team oversees each step of the foam molding process, so we can exceed your expectations.

Step 4: Decoration and Finishing


Add the Finishing Touches

Because aesthetics are important to your product, PopFoam allows you to add any finishing touches you need to make it perfect. From colors to textures, if you can dream it, we can make your finished product come to life with our foam injection molding technology.

Step 5: Packaging and Assembly

Draw on our tested, trusted partner network and our foam molding process to bring your product to market faster.


Make the right first impression with the right packaging. From thermoformed clamshells to reusable fabric bags to recyclable cardboard containers, get solutions to your specific packaging challenge

Product Assembly

Complete your foam molded products in one seamless process, and save time and money. We’ll handle assembly of any complexity, freeing you to focus on getting your product to market