EVA foam

Everything You Need to Know About Injection Molded Foam

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Injection Molded Foam

If you’re looking for a versatile and durable foam material, injection-molded EVA foam may be the perfect choice for your next project. This type of molded foam is made by injecting molten EVA into a mold. The resulting product is a dense, closed-cell foam that has many benefits for product designers. In this article, we will discuss what molded foam is, the difference between injection-molded EVA foam and compression-molded EVA foam, and the benefits of using injection-molded EVA foam in product designs.

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Injection Molded Foam – How to Determine if this Process is Right for Your Project

Often, Designers, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs will look to the web to find solutions aimed at helping them solve a problem or do something better. We field hundreds of leads per year, and every one of them has a common goal of finding the right soft material solution. To help you figure out which one is best suited for your application we’ve assembled a few points with regards to molded foams with skinned surfaces.

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It’s All in the Details: The Creation of BackShield

My focus as a designer has changed dramatically over the years. As a younger product designer, I put a lot of my energy into the first design sketches; those really early sketches where the initial design began to take shape. I loved doing those sketches. I loved to see a wall covered with amazing looking sketches! But as the years ticked by and I learned more about what my real goal was; a successful, high quality product that could be mass produced for the right price. I saw time and time again, issues in execution, manufacturing problems and material choices that didn’t perform as expected taint the overall product experience.

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How to Use Molded Foam for Athletic Equipment

The Athletic Equipment Industry has continued to embrace product development to improve fitness since the early days of the Thighmaster. It’s with no surprise that soft surfaces would play an important role in that success as most consumers like to exercise but want to be comfortable while doing it. Foam materials have played a large role in that comfort – from vinyl covered polyurethane foam to my favorite – EVA molded foam.

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Custom Foam Injection Molding Process: How It Works

Custom foam injection molding is a process that allows manufacturers to create products with foam. Custom foam injection moldings can be made in almost any shape or size and can also have different textures or hardness depending on what you want your final product to look like. Learn more about how the process works and PopFoam’s injection molding services.

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