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Injection Molded PopFoam: A Look At Available Colors, Textures, and Logos

When we begin conversations with prospects considering injection molded foam as an option, there’s always a point where the discussion leads to what the finished product will ultimately look like.  Most designers and engineers are familiar with basic molding processes and through their experience can quickly grasp the options.  Others that are new to manufacturing processes or just have never worked in plastics appreciate understanding more about how these feature details can be applied to injection molded foam.

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Throw Out the Design Rule Book — It’s Time to Embrace the Use of Undercuts

Undercuts are like the forbidden fruit of product design. They’re incredibly enticing, especially for young design students who are eager to create esoteric shapes. I specifically remember the first time I learned about undercuts back in design school. It seemed that every cool shape I wanted to create had an undercut. However, I was told that undercuts are also expensive to produce and unreliable at scale.

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