The Orb Extreme Massage Ball

Pro-Tec Athletics’ Orb Extreme massage ball was developed and manufactured by PopFoam. This unique foam roller ball helps athletes of all levels combat muscle fatigue and tightness, increase flexibility and improve athletic performance.

The only solid EVA foam roller ball that exceeds 3 inches in diameter, the 4.5-inch diameter Orb Extreme relies on PopFoam’s patented new design that offers a number of improvements over previous versions and competing products.

The state-of-the-art design consists of two primary components: an outer shell interlocked with a secondary support core. Its unique composition makes Pro-Tec’s Orb Extreme ball incredibly durable — it won’t collapse under pressure or tear if cut — while still offering the flexibility needed to achieve maximum pain relief.

The larger orb allows for a multidirectional roll and features firmer, more prominent bumps, which are able to penetrate deeper. This makes it capable of providing a more aggressive deep-tissue massage to hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles and other pain points.

Likewise, the improved design of the orb offers a grip that simply can’t be matched by the PVC and plastic balls that have flooded the market. This foam roller ball has high shape retention under heavy loads, even after extended use.

Pro-Tec’s Orb Extreme ball is made from PopFoam NT, a closed-cell EVA/polyolefin foam that is both non-toxic and latex-free. The material adds to the orb’s durability and makes it easy to clean and certifiably safe to use.

PopFoam is the first manufacturer to venture into this category with a product of this size. In addition to being smaller, most similar products are made of a thermoplastic resin that is harder and heavier, yet not as stable. With injection molded EVA-based foam, PopFoam has created a product that is virtually indestructible, 100 percent waterproof and unlike any other pain relief device on the market today.